Okay, now the rich have their money

Great, wonderful, magical. The rich have avoided a marginal tax increase so they can keep money that will not find its way to those at the other end of the massive, Republican-caused income gap. (Trickle down economics. Lol.) So can Congress do something that matters?

  • Maybe they can approve the START treaty. I don’t know about you, but I don’t trust Russia, whether in its agenda or its infrastructure and ability to maintain its nuclear arsenal in any manner (such as, I don’t know, keeping track of it). Oh, and Ronald Reagan supported arms reduction. That isn’t a reason for my support. I’m just mentioning it because Dick Morris said exactly the opposite on a radio show last night. He’s a moron.
  • Or maybe they could allow gays to help make us safer. I know, I know. All the right-wing conservative bigots (apologies for redundancy) are going to throw a fit over this – just like they did in response to racially integrating…well, anything. But this is the right thing to do, it will make our 20th century-style military more effective, and there is no rational reason that says we shouldn’t do it. And oh, c’mon. Let’s be honest. We all know what the slime-bag bigots (like McCain) are thinking, and no. No, gay people do not fuck everything that moves. Grow up.
  • Or maybe they could give health care to 9/11 First Responders. I’m grammatically uncomfortable with capitalizing “First Responders”, but I’m more than morally okay with it. I’m just not sure if the Republican’ts are comfortable giving health care to anyone. When Jon Stewart showed his anger over the lack of action on this bill, I figured it really just came down to the Republican’ts sticking together on their crappy do-nothing pledge until the billionaires got their tax breaks. But it looks like it’s going to be tough to scrape together the 60 votes needed to pass this thing. Does it make me a name-caller if I say this group is really fucking scummy? Because I might have to argue that I’m making a descriptive, not a normative, claim.

8 Responses

  1. As far as the taxes go, trickle up poverty is no better, I don’t really care anymore. Tax increases, on those with higher incomes, was never going to make a big dent in anything anyway. We are continuing to subsidize unemployment though, you should be happy about that.

    START, don’t care. It’s going to pass in the end.

    I doubt allowing gays to serve is going to make us safer and I doubt not allowing them to serve openly harms our safety either.

    The first responder bill is also going to pass in the end, but I’m far from upset that they failed to raise taxes on people making over 200,000 and glad they held out and got the thing passed before the start of the tax year.

    Give us a 1$ tax on income up to 49,999 and than 20% flat tax over 50,000$ and ditch the majority of the write offs and we’ll never have to debate this again. Toss in deficits only for wars and national emergencies and we’ll have a decent system for once.

  2. Preventing people from losing their homes (and thus keeping equity), keeping money pumping into the economy, and helping to keep the income gap from expanding at a faster rate than Reagan and pals set the stage for is what helps the economy.

  3. Unemployment compensation doesn’t help the economy at all. I don’t see how the income gap affects it much either. If you want to close it, lets try and move people up rather than closing it by taxing success and passing it out to others. That doesn’t do anything but create dependence.

  4. I am for the straight tax that Nate said. No exemptions and no write offs.

    The banks caused the bad economy (after regulations were taken away) and the banks caused the fall of housing. They should pay for fixing it.

  5. I’m no economist, but I just think having brackets is unfair. I’d love to see a 1$ minimum tax, everyone pays something that way, symbolic, but important symbolism.

    50,000 seems to me like a place where anyone could live comfortably enough no matter where in the country you are. Raise it for couples and a bit for any dependents they have, but I see no reason for any other exemptions.

    With these tax cuts, if your cutting taxes than you cut them across the board, no favoring one socioeconomic group over another. Need more money? You raise taxes. Have too much (ha, never happen) you drop them for everyone. That’s fair.


    I’m sick of paying state taxes on the money I already paid to the federal government. State taxes should be calculated on income leftover after federal taxes are paid.

  7. Unemployment money is spent almost immediately. Unlike extra money for the rich, this money goes right into the economy. In addition, since it prevents people from losing their homes, more equity is maintained. Over time – namely when people regain employment – this allows people to obtain loans, further making the economy stronger.

    On the other hand, the CBO has recently said the tax cuts for the top 2% income earners will decrease unemployment 0%. Maybe 0.1%.

  8. You’re correct at least in part, it is spent immediately.

    Spending is done on essentials. In other words, the oil bill gets paid, the power, dinner gets bought, gas goes in the car.

    Wal-mart has been doing fine, hiring in fact. Home depot has been cutting hours and positions though.

    Its the things people want but don’t HAVE to have that drive most of the economy. Spending on the essentials, which is what unemployment allows, doesn’t stimulate anything.

    Tax cuts for the ‘rich’ may not bring down unemployment, but it won’t make the issue worse.

    More to the point these were not tax cuts. Nothing changed! No cuts, no increases, taxes are the same as they were this year.

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