Thought of the day

Tobacco is a deadly Class A carcinogen that has no place in a pragmatic, rational society. Unfortunately, a lot this country is rather ideological. For that reason I offer a new national motto, borrowed and modified from the fine state of New Hampshire:

Live free and die.

I’m still waiting for the ideologues to explain how they’re able to spread the liberty they love so much to people who are dead.

3 Responses

  1. You support losing freedom so long as it prolongs life?

    How are you not putting forward the same argument used for drug prohibition?

  2. I’m not arguing these tired polemics. This isn’t a liberty versus not-liberty ideological battle. I’ve consistently been arguing a pragmatic view: Smoking causes significantly more harm than good and the loss of it will only impact large companies and those it employs (something that can be taken care of through various means).

  3. Yes you must know whats best for everyone. What else would you ban if made dictator for a day?

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