No highway through the Serengeti

The Tanzanian government has plans to build a road through the Serengeti. And it sounds like it’s going to be pretty ugly. But the only reason I even know about this is that someone wrote a letter to the editor of my local paper.

Why can’t we leave anything alone? Why put a major highway through the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania?

Majestic animals such as elephants, wildebeests and zebras, use this region as their major means of getting around. The plains have been here for millions of years without human interference.

Why change it? These animals will be killed daily if a road is put through there. Let alone human life. I don’t believe you can run an elephant over and live to tell about it.

I don’t believe for one minute that God wants this to happen, either.

In America, we have taken most of the woodlands away from our animals, including moose and deer, and we wonder why these animals move into town. Then we end up killing the animals because they are interfering with humans.

Children often pay the price because they are easy targets for predators. This is not fair to the animals. Please leave the Serengeti alone.

Beverly Brickett


I agree with the writer, though I’m not sure what any of this is doing in a letter to the editor of a Maine newspaper.

But she’s right in her sentiment (as for facts…well, I doubt there will be a lot of dead elephants on the side of the road). There is no good reason for destroying a place as special as the Serengeti. It seems to me the money allocated to a road project could be better spent on all that abject poverty I saw during my time in Tanzania.

But maybe I’m just crazy.

12 Responses

  1. I don’t know the whole story but highways tend to aid in the creation of wealth and ease of commerce. That growth could be put to good use as well.

  2. That isn’t worth the Serengeti.

  3. Most people would rather learn to fish rather than be given fishies forever. Its not the only way to drag them out of poverty but it would be something.

    Anyways, we have very little say in the matter.

    From the other side of the coin, if they can afford to build this highway than how much international aid should be directed elsewhere? Obviously they have no use for it.

  4. Tell that to the dirt-covered town with the Rite-Aid half-aisle sized shack labeled “Medical Center”.

  5. If they are wasting money on worthless things than that issue needs to be fixed. I assume international aid is flowing, however sparingly, and if the UN is taking care of that I assume they are wasting boatloads also.

  6. There obviously building this road for economic benefits,,including tourism…We shouldn’t risk detroyong the Serengeti…build a large international airport instead a subsidize fares!!!!!

  7. We aren’t doing anything. A foreign government is doing something within their borders, something they are entitled to do.

    What’s to be done? Get a washed up band to play a concert? Might work.

  8. I’m fairly confident Kilimanjaro Airport, though only perhaps two stories and very dark at night, could handle more than the single plane that lands in it every night around 9:30. I doubt a large airport would serve much purpose.

  9. Planes are also very expensive to maintain. That becomes a huge factor when you compare this, as yet non-existent highway with your, as yet, non-existent airport.

    The cost put it out of the reach of practically everyone when it comes to commerce on the large scale. There’s more than the convenience factor that goes into making overnight delivery cost 3+ times more than standard by the highway delivery.

  10. I’m not 100% clear on what you’re saying, but it sounds like you might be under the impression that I favor a new airport. (I do not since I doubt Kilimanjaro Airport ever has more than one plane at a time; maybe the airport in Dar es Salaam Airport has two planes at a time.) Perhaps some rephrasing would clarify.

  11. I was just saying that a highway isn’t as cost effective for boosting commerce, its not just that there is no demand that makes that a bad idea.

    I didn’t think you favored one, it would be useless.

  12. […] Tanzania over impact of Serengeti road Posted on June 4, 2011 by Michael Hawkins Continuing the conversation on the proposed road through the Serengeti, the US has cautioned Tanzania over its proposal to […]

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