The horrors of Uganda

At the hand of Christian hate, gays are being targeted and murdered in Uganda.

David Kato, a Ugandan gay rights campaigner who sued a local newspaper which outed him as homosexual, has been beaten to death, activists have said.

Police have confirmed the death and say they have arrested one suspect.

Uganda’s Rolling Stone newspaper published the photographs of several people it said were gay, including Mr Kato, with the headline “Hang them”.

US President Barack Obama was quoted as saying he was “deeply saddened” to learn of Mr Kata’s death.

His Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has urged authorities to investigate and prosecute the killers.

I have no idea how anyone can say ideas don’t kill people. We’re composed of ideas, of motivations, of convictions – of influences. If we can’t say humans are compositions of ideas, I don’t know how we can even talk about humanity. Anti-gay propaganda, rhetoric, hate, and violent encouragement led to the death of David Kato. And the fire, created from ignorance, is constantly being stoked by a strong Christian faith in the country – along with a strong influence from American Christians who hate gays.

This article would be longer if I wasn’t so sickened.

18 Responses

  1. Much of Africa is a mess from either strong Christian dogma or strong Muslim dogma or strong Africa tribalism dogma. Democracy has not made much headway on that continent. Hate, murder, misogyny, homophobia and racism are the daily currency.

  2. You left out drugs.

    I’m just going to assume they we killing each other left, right and center before Christianity and Islam got there. Why? Oh, well because that’s what we’ve done for all of recorded history. (and likely unrecorded history as well)

    If the whole world became atheists tomorrow, what is the first thing we would do? Probably start killing each other.

  3. Most of the killing in the last 2000 years has been done in the name of religion. The crusades, the rise of Islam is based on hundreds of years of ‘convert-or-be-killed”, the Ireland conflict (same religion, different sects), Israel/middle east, India/Pakistan, Iraq vs Iran (same religion, different sects) Hitler – in the name of Christianity and on and on – all in the name of religion and dogma.

  4. And prior to that?

    Don’t undermine your intelligence by trying to put WW2 on Christianity.

    Stalin’s and Mao’s atrocities can’t be attributed to a religion and between the two of them they managed to kill more people than the conflicts you list have total.

    Most of the killing in the last 2000 years has been because that’s how humans handle conflict, badly. You can’t attribute every war with any kind of religious component, no matter how small, to religion.

  5. I don’t put all of World War II on Chistianity, just the holocaust part. The six million Jews killed by Germany due to Hitler repeatedly saying it is needed in the name of God and Jesus. This is a fact and denying it is evil and a lie.

    Stalin and Mao killed fewer than Hitler. Also, any intelligent thinking person knows that one cannot compare the weapons of the Crusades (swords & blunt objects) to 20th century weapons (machine guns, etc)

    Yes, we CAN attribute most wars to religion, no matter how you try to wave it away with nonsense, unproven attributions. You didn’t address most of those I mentioned because you have no counter arguments and I tore apart the ones you attempted.

  6. You are the one waving nonsense and you tore apart nothing, you seem to have these delusions of grandeur.

    There are wars caused directly by religion, but not all or even most. You seem to think that if religion played any part at all, or if the belligerents are separated by a religious difference than religion is the cause, that’s a foolish notion.

    War almost never has one cause, nor even a single discernible chief cause. You want to have your overly simplistic and historically revisionist world view than go ahead, I won’t try and talk you out of it.

  7. Nate, as usual you blow smoke, talk in generalities and spew bullshit. Let’s take one example: tell us all why the Iraq: Iran war was not due to Sunni/Shia religious conflict. It was not about oil, they both had plenty Let’s see something you can back up for a change. I am very tired of your unsubstantiated nonsense. You have not backed up one thing you said on this thread. Just like you never do.

  8. No it wasn’t about oil. Yes religion played a part. The biggest part was over which state was the dominate power in the region and even those two wouldn’t cover the multitude of reasons Saddam invaded Iran. To say that it was just about Sunnis and Shias or that it wouldn’t have happened otherwise is nonsense.

    Do you have some piece of hitherto undiscovered evidence that says religion was the biggest motivator here? If you look at the rhetoric leading up to the war you find very little about the chief Iranian religious sect.

  9. Continue blowing smoke instead of giving facts.

    Israel was the dominant party in the region then and might still be.

    Sunni/Shia murder has gone on for over a millennium and still happens every week (is that Sadaam from his grave?) Give some facts for the ‘multitude of reasons’ instead of unproven smoke.

  10. Just because two groups have been at loggerheads for a long time does not mean that every conflict involving them has religion as its major cause.

    Israel might be dominant militarily but not politically.

    Give me some facts Bob, not a sermon on how religion causes everything from tooth decay to world wars.

  11. Nate is one big waffle. I knew he could not back anything up except spew more bullshit. Nate is a factless, evidence free smoke and mirrors waffler. I will wait until he produces a fact and continue to laugh at him.

  12. Very interesting. You should be a motivational speaker.

  13. Nate should go to work for Mitt Romney. Coupling Romney’s flip flopping and Nate’s waffling, obfuscations and apologetics the team would make a compete fact free, ethics free lure for the uneducated and right wing hate crowd.

  14. Sorry, I’m not a big Romney fan. Try another?

  15. Hitler used religion in his rhetoric, but it wasn’t a key factor in the motivation to do all he did. He was fundamentally racist and a nationalist. He probably really did believe in God, but I suspect he still thought of himself as the height of conceivable greatness.

  16. So do all political types, when you’re talking to the religious, reference God. When your talking to environmentalists, reference the environment. So on and so forth.

  17. Stalin didn’t use religion in a positive way (to him) in his rhetoric. At least not until he began promoting the Russian Orthodox Church towards the end of WW2 and shortly thereafter in an effort to extend his institutionally-driven control.

  18. Well with Stalin the goal was expansion of state power. It was always about control, before and after WW2. First destroy it and than reinvent it giving the people their religion while still bolstering the states power.

    They estimate 100,000 clergy including monks, nuns and priests were killed off under Stalin. Sent a pretty nice message as far as he was concerned.

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