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If in the course of discussing science you hear someone say, “Well, science used to think the Milky Way was the whole Universe!”, as if to say that because science changes its conclusions based upon changing evidence that it is therefore unreliable now, you likely are having a discussion with a person who is hostile to the whole enterprise. Back away and move on to more a more intelligent and/or unbiased and/or informed individual.

7 Responses

  1. I wouldn’t ever say it was unreliable, but I think there is reason to be cautious. Certain theories and observations that may become more refined later can be fine for the present but we should always be cautious. As you should of any great responsibility.

  2. Where “science” begins is also kind of an interesting question, since you mentioned a historical mistake. Where do you put the “beginning”?

    Just a curiosity. Could make a nice post for you sometime, certainly one with a lot of discussion.

  3. Do you mean where science begins historically or theoretically/philosophically?

  4. I assume something like taming fire had some qualities that we would consider scientific in nature.

    Than again is science really recognizable with out the scientific method? Was science science before Bacon wrote it all down?

    It’s a difficult question. I mean that first step away from being just animals.

  5. Science is a process and like any process, it changes over time and gets refined and fine tuned. It’s opposite is fear and superstition and fantasy and story telling which is never helpful. Those who oppose and fear science look up and say god made this as a sign for me! This ignorance and arrogance is the huge problem which needs to be addressed by education and critical thinking.

  6. I would venture that a large proportion of those who oppose science do it out of religious dogma conviction.

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