Gay marriage updates

Here are just a few of the recent news stories concerning gay marriage:

  • Dubya’s daughter, Barbara, has come out in support of gay marriage. She is helping the fight for basic equality in New York. Currently, thousands of families with gay heads of the house are being forced into unnecessary financial difficulties while they face bigoted social stigma. It ought to stop.
  • Illinois has taken a step in the right direction by legalizing civil unions. Gay couples will still face unnecessary hardships, but they now have some relief. Oh, and the negatives? Nothing. Absolutely nothing negative will come from this law.
  • New Hampshire lawmakers are trying to turn the state back. They’ve attached the banning of incest to a law that would ban gay marriage. I find this repulsive for two reasons. First, the most obvious reason is that it associates two separate ideas, as if it’s okay to say homosexuality and incest go hand in hand. Second, this is simply logically offensive. It’s a classic “When are you going to stop beating your wife?” fallacy. That is, it’s asking two questions but seeking one answer. (Remember that famous Watergate inquiry, “What did Nixon know and when did he know it?”) On the plus side, it is destined to fail.

6 Responses

  1. New Mexico, sadly, is also trying to turn the state back. There are several versions of a bill in the legislature which will not only ban gay marriage and civil unions here in NM, but will also refuse to acknowledge gay marriages made elsewhere.

    What a shame… what a change from last year, when the only bills for gay marriage proposed were to support it (even though they’ve been voted down).

  2. Of course a gay marriage bill and an incest bill go hand in hand. They are both legislation.

    Most every piece of legislation becomes a dumping ground. I think most people are smart enough to know that.

  3. It isn’t a coincidence that NH bigots are trying to associate the two things.

  4. The issue would still lay with stupid people not with state law makers in NH. Even if your super atheist powers let you see into the minds of other people.

  5. The responsibility of intentional exploitation of gullible people or stupid people or people barely paying attention falls, in my opinion, on the exploiters. Of course, all those people need to be remedied, but good rhetoric combined with bad logic isn’t helping.

  6. Not that I’m pro-gay marriage, but fair enough.

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