Thought of the day

Any serious reader ought to be pleased with Christopher Hitchens. His logic, his intelligence, his persuasion – it’s all superior to the average person, and certainly to the vast majority of believers – but those things are not my point. My point is that his literary style is almost overwhelming excellent. He knows how to write well and he isn’t afraid to show us.

2 Responses

  1. I disagreed with him on Iraq. But I respect his intelligence and debating abilities. As for his non-belief..he and Dawkins have been a one/two punch leading to a rise in a movement towards rationality.

  2. Hitchens is one of the best writers alive today. It is always a thrill to read his works, especially his ‘magazine’ articles. I was disappointed in his last book “Hitch 22”. There are several areas that I disagree with his stand.

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