Leniency for monsters

I wrote back in December that I had very little confidence in our judicial system in sentencing faith healing parents who are responsible for the deaths of their own children. Lenient sentences happen again and again – and bad parents keep praying for their children instead of seeking real medical help. This recent sentencing isn’t going to help.

Speaking in court, [negligent father] Herbert Schaible asked the judge [Carolyn Engel Temin]for leniency to allow the couple to support their family.

“We are grieving and will always feel the loss of our son,” Schaible said. “With God’s help, this will never happen again.”

Temin sentenced them to 10 years of probation, during which they are required to seek routine and emergency medical care for their seven children, ages 1 through 15.

No, with the help of the judiciary doing its job and discouraging other parents from neglecting their children, this will never happen again. With the help of the legislatures in the 30 states which offer protection for faith healing, this will never happen again. With the eradication of religion, this will never happen again.

Two of the three things I mentioned are within easy reach.

8 Responses

  1. Why even send them to prison Michael? Do you think time behind bars is going to rehabilitate them? Or are you interested in punishment?

  2. Systematic lenient sentencing doesn’t do enough to discourage crime.

  3. It looks like the judge agrees with you on the whole, the story having said this:

    “Temin said she wrestled with the sentence, noting that prison would not address the problem or serve the needs of society”

    I’m just trying to get my head around this, but you are against imprisonment for a lot of people because prison makes them better criminals and serve few other purposes aside from punishment.

    But toss in a couple that believes in faith healing and you want them locked up.

    I partly agree with you this time, leniency doesn’t discourage crime, where I differ is that this sentence seems to perfectly address the problem. For the next 10 years their kids must get regular checkups, and the state will be watching them.

    I think that is a better result than sending them to prison for a couple years and having their kids in foster care or something, we know that that has a great success rate.

  4. First the father blames the devil, now their lawyer blames God. When is this murderous couple going to take responsibility for their own actions?

  5. A real sentence for this couple would serve a purpose: it would be a warning to other parents not to do what they did. On the other hand, sending someone to prison for 25 years to life under a three strikes law is just excessive punishment.

  6. It would have served to discourage the millions of people letting their kids die from lack of medical care in favor of faith healing?

    I mean I’m just playing devils advocate here, but it isn’t, as far as we know, a massive epidemic. I think your personal distaste for religion might be playing a role in this. You think those kids would be better off in state care for X years while their parents were in jail?

    As far as three strikes laws are concerned, you don’t see an issue with people not getting it the first two times they are sent to jail? Think the third time is the charm? fourth time? I really kind of doubt it.

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