Ken Ham is a real piece of shit

Ken Ham, that dishonest creationist D-bag with a ‘museum’, recently held a “Date Night” where he spouted off about “love” and his own, personal ideas concerning marriage. People were allowed to buy tickets for the Christian price of about $72. And, as you do with events about “love”, Ham had security goons posted all over the place. That led to some problems.

Three of us (myself, my girlfriend and our friend Brandon) passed the security checkpoint despite minor scrutiny. We arrived right at 6:00 p.m.; Ken Ham was just beginning his talk of love in the museum’s special effects room, and we were eager to hear it. Brandon’s “date,” Joe of Barefoot & Progressive, was late, and so the solo Brandon was the focus of much interest for the two guards, who carried the air of actual police.

“What kind of car will she be driving?” asked one of the guards. They wanted to know so they could keep strict tabs on who came into the museum.

“Oh,” I said. “His partner’s name is Joe. I think he drives one of those hybrids…”

You can guess how things went from there. The gay couple was denied entry for not being very Christian and Ham continued on about “love”. It’s weird, isn’t it? There is no way to resolve what makes one person more or less Christian than the next when both stake a claim to that awful title, yet people still seem to think otherwise. It’s a wonderful exercise is pure subjectivity.

Of course, none of this may have happened if the state was different. Kentucky has no law granting equality to its gay citizens. Maine and about 20-25 others states do (depending on the exact extent of equality being discussed). So as it stands, Ham’s immorality is perfectly legal right now, even if ultimately unconstitutional. That’s terrible, but at least it will be easier for future generations to see his sort of bigotry for how absurd it really is; I predict in 35-40 years that the actions of Ham and his goons will be widely viewed much as we would view them if they did this to a black couple today.

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  1. I predict in 35-40 years that the actions of Ham and his goons will be widely viewed much as we would view them if they did this to a black couple today.

    The Mormon variety of Christian cult believes that blacks are part of Satan’s evil team. I don’t know if it is still official policy or just unofficial racism.

  2. It won’t take 35-40 years. KY is a state unto itself, run by a very small number of powerful, entrenched and OLD politicians. They won’t last much longer. The vast majority of Western Civilization is way ahead of KY, as are the last two generations of Americans. What you’re seeing in the anti-gay US states is the remnants of 20th century beliefs. Remnants is the operative word. Ham is seen by most as a fossil. Only uneducated mythology-addicted people see him any other way.

  3. Actually, this “gay couple” (who were not a real gay couple) had planned this attempted disruption for weeks beforehand and, like all good egotists, bragged about it. The Creation Museum caught wind of this blatant attempt to disrupt their event with two men acting “flamboyantly gay” and were prepared well in advance to deal with it.

  4. So they planned this for weeks in advance, received no notification from the ‘museum’, arrived late, and didn’t have a prepared cover?

    I can’t say I’m surprised a creationist is saying something that doesn’t comport with the evidence.

  5. What “evidence,” Michael? All you have is someone’s say-so about what happened. The museum has blog entries detailing the disrupters’ plans and most likely security camera footage of the people’s arrival and confrontation with security guards.

  6. The evidence:

    1) The museum sold them tickets, despite apparently knowing about this crazy scheme.
    2) They were given no notification there could be problems (like when PZ visited the ‘museum’)
    3) They were surprisingly late for such a long-planned plot, no?
    4) They offered no cover or story to the goons. You’d think if this was some massive plan, they would have had something ready.
    5) Big-name creationists lie all the time. Ken Ham is an especially big offender.

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