Gov. Walker backs down on tax cuts

Wisconsin governor Scott Walker looks to be backing down on the massive tax cuts he wants to give big business:

Walker’s spokesman, Cullen Werwie, wrote in an e-mail Saturday that Walker wouldn’t publicly comment on the negotiations but was focused on balancing the budget and following through on his campaign pledge to create 250,000 new jobs. Walker has said he wouldn’t compromise on the collective bargaining issue or anything that saves the state money.

I can only presume by that final line that he isn’t going to waste everyone’s time by letting unneedy people hoard money.

5 Responses

  1. I’m still not getting the hoarding reference. There are no mattresses full of banknotes, Michael.

  2. Businesses aren’t spending the money we keep giving them because the middle class isn’t spending. You don’t create jobs merely with money.

  3. You don’t encourage spending by increasing rates on the top bracket or on businesses either.

    Government can’t create demand in a productive way.

  4. Cutting taxes isn’t giving someone something – it is taking less from them.

    and Nate is right, when government creates demands there are side effects. When you tax something, you get less of it – including productivity.

  5. They aren’t taxing anything. They are repealing existing taxes.

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