Thought of the day

MSNBC has the most ridiculous spelling of Gadhafi’s name: “Ghaddafy”.

Just ridiculous.

Hordes of Asians


Do you think John Lott will post this?

I’ve written about John Lott in the past. We were even Facebook buddies for a little while. At least until I embarrassed him by, ya know, doing research. It turned out he was being dishonest about something or other and he didn’t want to deal with someone pointing that out (see here). I suppose his history of apparently making up studies and impersonating women on the Internet who praise John Lott (fancy that!) would make him a little sensitive. So I suppose with that in mind, the guy isn’t likely to post anything like this:

Maybe Mary Rosh can tell us what he she thinks.

Check out Deltoid for many more wonderful John Lott stories.

Update: I don’t read Lott’s terrible blog (he mostly just reposts junk from other sites…weird that he doesn’t like original material, huh?), but I was interested to see his freaking out and whining from when Obama won the presidency. And what did I find? Why, this:

minor puzzle: Obama predicts a million plus at his “celebation” tonight but there are a lot of empty hotel rooms

That was the grammatically painful title of a post the sore loser made. Is it true? Nope.

Mayor Daley predicted Tuesday that more than a million people would descend on Grant Park for Barack Obama’s election night “celebration” and said the city has no plans to screen people entering the park.

The mayor said “everybody’s talking about” the Obama celebration.

“It’s gonna be surprising. There’s gonna be a lot of people who will want to come down and celebrate…We hope it’s a million or more. It would be wonderful.”

The full article is no longer available, but not only is the quote from Daley and not Obama, but it looks like it wasn’t even a prediction. Daley was just saying he hoped for a huge turnout. (He got it, though it was more like 125,000.) Not only was Lott wrong about who made the prediction, he was wrong about what was actually said. Yep, wrong in his wrongness. Amazing.