Wisconsin boycott

Now that the Republicans have helped to further weaken the middle class so they can continue giving money to the wealthy without any significant economic return (except to their own campaign funds), I’m going to be sure I never buy a single thing made in Wisconsin for at least the next 4 years. I have no desire to help increase the income gap, even if it is in another state.

But isn’t it interesting how the Republicans are always justifying how ridiculous CEO salaries are okay because companies need to attract the best talent, yet when we’re talking about teachers that argument goes out the window?

Congratulations, Illinois!

Illinois has entered the mid-20th century:

Illinois abolished the death penalty Wednesday, more than a decade after the state imposed a moratorium on executions out of concern that innocent people could be put to death by a justice system that had wrongly condemned 13 men.

Gov. Pat Quinn also commuted the sentences of all 15 inmates remaining on death row. They will now serve life in prison with no hope of parole.

It’s always satisfying when one finds out that planned murder has been thwarted.

What I’m giving up for Lent:

I will give up not having enough sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll in my life. I need to increase all of these things to Charlie Sheen levels. Now, now, worry not. I realize that my face may melt off, but I believe I also have Adonis DNA, so I’m willing to risk it. And really, this is Lent. Let me have my baseless faith like everyone else who is arbitrarily giving something up, okay? I mean, at least what I want to give up can only improve my life.

Now excuse me while I go look at some mildly exposed skin, take some aspirin, and listen to a little Creed. (What did you expect? It is a Christian event.)