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It never ceases to amaze how many people think Reagan was a great president.

He wasn’t.

6 Responses

  1. It never ceases to amaze me how people think Obama is a great president.

    He isn’t.

  2. Who thinks that? What myth machine has fundamentally redefined his presidency?

  3. Reagan was just a lump of protoplasm who was manipulated by his handlers. That scenario was not seen again until Dumbya and his handler, Cheney.

  4. I don’t think Reagan was a horrible president. He wasn’t good, but he wasn’t horrible. He did set back minorities – especially blacks – and he did create what will eventually become an unsustainable income gap, but he did make some correct decisions. (Such as raising taxes, as it did quite often. Specifically, he prolonged Social Security by increasing taxes for it. Currently President Obama is making the mistake of lowering taxes there.)

  5. SSI should be ditched and we should go to personal retirement accounts. It’s worked great in Australia.

  6. I’d have to agree: He wasn’t a great president.

    He got the US convicted of war crimes, for starters. Engaged in support of many thugs and terrorists (some of which continue to haunt us to this day). His administration was generally wrong on environmental issues (at some point SOMEONE is going to have to start weaning us off fossil fuels!).

    The main good that came during his presidency was the fall of the soviet union, but I think those who credit that to Reagan are ignoring too much of history. He basically engaged in a spending war with the Soviets and they went bankrupt before we did.

    It’s like playing russian roulette: You don’t call the “winner” a genius.

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