Thought of the day

The government is not a business.

14 Responses

  1. Clearly. Businesses have to be efficient and effective. Neither of which can be used to describe government.

    P.S. I hope I was the cause of this thought of the day. I’ve been trying wicked hard. :D

  2. You forgot to point out that the point of government doesn’t tend to be greed.

    And you and every other fad-thinking Republican these days.

  3. I would rather have greed than inefficiency and ineffectiveness.

    Without greed, that is, the want for more than you have, no one or few would be in business at all. So greed belongs in business.

    Your still not convincing me that a non-greedy and wasteful government is better than a greedy and efficient one. Not that the choice is that stark, but it’s less comical.

  4. I would convince you, but then I would only be proving Godwin’s Law. It’s quite the Internet faux pas.

  5. You’ll never convince me more government is good for anything other than more government workers.

    Kind of like more rabbits are only good for making more rabbits.

    At least you can eat rabbits, government employees are chewy I’ve heard.

  6. The government’s purpose is to take care of the common interests of the constituent population. Depending on the level, it is sometimes the only way to handle foreign relations, infrastructure building like roads, airports, public transportation, utilities, fire protection, common health issues like ambulance, hospitals, disease detection and prevention,common safety through laws, courts, police. It is the people’s business.

  7. Clearly. Many of those things government does well.

    You sound more like a conservative with your list bob, are you feeling okay?

  8. If government is inefficient and ineffective it is because Republicans modus operandi is to get elected then fuck everything up by cutting funding or putting a buffoon with no relevant experience in charge. Then they say, ‘See? Government doesn’t work!’

  9. I’d say the mode of operation for both parties is to be cautious of programs that are effective and efficient, because people like them. Not a very good argument you have put forward.

    Might I ask what relevant experience our current democratic buffoon had?

  10. Heckuva a job Brownie! (Head of the Arabian Horse Association-head of FEMA) One example.

    OK, I’ll concede. It is probably the same modus for ‘Democrats’ who are just another conservative party as far as I can tell…

    There are no real liberals in our Federal Government(save for a handfull of congressmen) despite the hysterical cries of ‘socialism’ coming from the right. I haven’t seen any socialism. Even the Healthcare bill isn’t remotely sociallist. (No public option-no single payer was ever even on the table.)

    This president is just a continuation of the Bush era I’m sad to say….

  11. That said, I am still thankful everyday we never have to hear the words ‘Vice President Palin’.

  12. Biden isn’t exactly a useful implement near as I can tell. When it comes down to it there is very little the Vice President does that a German Shepherd couldn’t do better.

  13. Which means Palin still couldn’t handle the job… and she’d quit halfway through.

  14. But can Palin shed her coat?

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