North Korea and Fundie Christians

Since the death of bin Laden, North Korea has been attempting to suppress spread of the news:

North Korea has started a drive to confiscate mobile phones smuggled from China in an attempt to suppress news from the outside world, a group of defectors from the communist state said.

North Korea Intellectuals Solidarity said in its latest newsletter police in North Hamkyong and Yangkang provinces bordering Russia and China have started urging residents to voluntarily surrender mobile phones or face punishment.

This is to be expected from North Korea. It is a place led by cowards who know accurate information, knowledge, and considered thought will undermine their worldview.

So that got me thinking. Who else does that? Who else refuses to make people aware of what the opposition is saying? Who else avoids facts like the plague? Why, fundie Christians, of course. It happens to PZ all the time with the Creation ‘Museum’ people. One creationist even did it to me. And I’ve seen it in countless other places. (Punching Bag Neil loves to do it, the coward.)

So can someone remind me where Jesus said that cowardice was a virtue?

4 Responses

  1. Brother Neil has banned me for a long time. And now, this week, he has taken to writing specifically about me and not allowing me to defend myself against false charges. So not only is it cowardly, unseemly, craven, etc (none of which is commended in the Bible), but it is also gossip, slander and bearing false witness – all of which is expressly condemned clearly and multiple times in the Bible.

    What is it they fear?

  2. I just found the post over there. It’s wildly pathetic. The guy goes on and on and on, clearly having spent a significant amount of time crafting that post, and yet he calls you creepy.

    The guy is an intellectual coward. He doesn’t have anything to really offer other than platitudes and bigotry. The worst, though perhaps most predictable, is when he claims to be a “True Christian”. Right, because the interpretation of any religion isn’t necessarily subjective and tainted with one’s own culture and upbringing. Hell, the guy wouldn’t even be a Christian if he was born in Iran.

    I recommend not reading him. I stopped once he started editing my comments, one of his common practices. I also couldn’t stand the fact that he would criticize all these random people but never link back to them. Aside from being fundamentally dishonest and cowardly, it takes away from the point of reading about a dispute. He may as well be making it all up – and that would make sense since he crafts the comments of others into the narrative that fits his narrow, culturally-bred theology. Neil is only good for a reference point since he’s such an easy punching bag (ya know, when he can’t edit people on other blogs), and since he appears to be in love with a number of other basically dishonest punching bags who are unable or unwilling to put a bit of consideration into their posts.

  3. Oh, and reading the comments on that post, it’s clear Neil and his pals just want to have a private circle jerk. You have nothing to gain by actually reading that sort of garbage. Hell, none of it is even well-written anyway.

  4. Oh, I don’t generally go there (despite his hunch that I frequent it frequently.) “Circle jerk” is about right.

    But I DID visit there again today (y’know, since they’re talking about me) and found this HILARIOUSLY ironic statement by ol’ Neil…

    Warning: Be sure to save your comments if you post at [Mr X’s] site. He has a history of deleting comments, only to then lie about what the comments really said. Should we be surprised that a false teacher would do such a thing?


    I think he wrote that fully with not a bit of irony, failing to get how crazy that statement is considering the source!

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