Fair is fair

Since I posted about Paul LePage poking fun at Libby Mitchell’s vitality despite his own lack of fitness, I feel obligated to post his recent apology.

“If Elizabeth is offended by it, my deepest apologies, because it was certainly never meant to offend her,” LePage said on air. “She’s worked very hard and she’s had a good career and I just think that the issues should be brought up. My differences with Elizabeth Mitchell is on the policies.”

4 Responses

  1. If Elizabeth is offended by it, my deepest apologies…

    He only apologizes IF she is offended?

  2. I know, it sounds so dumb. But he also said his differences with her
    on policies. He may just not be very eloquent.

  3. Obviously he is receiving some negative feedback about his comments and realizes now that he’d better put on a smile or his numbers will suffer. My biggest problem with the guy is that when it comes down to debating the issues, there is nothing he can say that will convince anyone with an IQ above 90. Sadly, that means that about half of eligible voters in this state meet that requirement.

  4. I have heard politicians say worse things than that, I think people are smart enough not to care, after all he isn’t much younger.

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