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When a young child is throwing a fit or just getting restless, parents will often say, “Oh, she’s just tired.” For reasons unknown, parents seemingly make a point of saying this in front of the child. The predictable result is that the kid gets all the more cranky, throwing an ever increasing fit. Now I’m not a parent, but this strikes me as really, really, really friggin’ dumb. Maybe there isn’t anything the parent can say to remedy the situation, but come on. Aside from being rather condescending, announcing to everyone that your child is tired has never made anything better. Quit being idiots, parents.

3 Responses

  1. If you ever are a parent, I’d bet you’ll do all this shit you lament, just like everyone else. Probably because it makes sense.

    What do I know, I don’t have any little demons either, but I have noticed that my niece turns into a unholy terror when she misses a nap or stays up late. Maybe it’s not effective, but its probably the truth most of the time.

  2. but its probably the truth most of the time.

    It is.

  3. As a parent, I would only say my child was tired if he was tired and needed nap or it was close to bedtime. If that were so, off he’d go. If they were acting out, I’d say “Maybe you are tired and want a nap”. And surprisingly so, the answer was as often yes as it was no. If it was no, the acting out suddenly stopped.

    Our kids our conditioned by our responses to them. It’s the scary part of being a parent.

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