Renowned academics talk about God

This is fantastic.

via PZ

3 Responses

  1. If only this exchange was on videotape, it’d be perfect for the video

  2. 1) The writer of the article is an ass. Citing St. Paul’s claim that ‘we all know that God exists so too bad atheists!’ is the same thing as calling the opposition liars. It’s a refusal to engage the arguments. 2) It’s unfortunate that Friedman believes atheism is the claim that “I know there is no God”. Richard Dawkins, the most recognizable atheist in the world, would never make such a claim.

  3. I’ve been in the same camp from before I was a Friedmanite – that’s why I choose the agnostic label. I have no problem with people using different definitions of atheist and agnostic – I label Dawkins an agnostic under my use of the term. It’s a minor label issue.

    I do love how he totally unnecessarily hit the guy with an evolution shout-out by saying peoples values tend to be universal:

    “…Which leads me to believe that they are a product of the same evolutionary process that accounts for the rest of our customs as well as physical characterizations.”

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