How to fix Facebook chat

Update: The link below doesn’t seem to do anything. This link can remedy the issue of seeing people on your chat who aren’t even online.

Since it seems that every company in the world wants to make minor tweaks to their programs, there are always little annoyances that crop up. And as everyone has known for a little while now, the latest annoyance is Facebook’s awful chat function. Here are the issues:

  • It takes up 87% of the screen
  • It pops up with one click, but no longer takes one click to minimize
  • It shows random people who aren’t even online
  • It combines chat messages with inbox messages

Solution? Greasemonkey. Presuming you are aware it is not 1998, it will revert the FB chat function back to most of its old self for Firefox and Chrome users. If you are an IE user, you probably don’t know what Facebook is and you may want to consider suicide. Or at least stop (double) clicking ads because you think someone has sent you a message.

Anyway. Greasemonkey. Install, close your browser, open it back up, voila.

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  1. Facebook – 0
    Us – 1

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