Thought of the day

Herman Cain recap: If you are poor, it’s totally your fault. But if you get accused of sexual harassment by three women, it’s Rick Perry’s fault.

6 Responses

  1. Racist.

  2. Condolisa Rice called out Cain for using racist terminology.

  3. It’s a shame considering what good blacks they. Totally better than the blacks we liberals have.


  4. Just when before have you cared what Condi had to say?

  5. I don’t, but it is a fact. One black conservative Republican calling out another black, conservative Republican is hilarious.Maybe they break out their guns next and shoot from 50 paces. Or maybe they will propose lowering taxes by 110% to make it all blow over.

  6. Marvelous. I don’t buy anyone pulling the racist card anymore, it’s getting tired and increasingly meaningless. I like Rice and I like Cain, but like I said, meaningless drivel.

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