Group rescinds Cain endorsement

In light of recent facts (not allegations) that Herman Cain settled with a number of women over sexual harassment claims, the Republican’s campaign has been doing a lot of damage control. It’s been awful (except for late-night comedy fans), but I suppose they’ve been trying their little hearts out. Unfortunately for Cain, that hasn’t prevented him from losing a key endorsement:

In a devastating blow to businessman Herman Cain’s presidential ambitions, the American Mustache Institute–a group which had previously lavished rapturous praise on the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO–announced it was rescinding its official endorsement of the GOP field’s only mustachioed candidate…

“Amid a storm of allegations levied against Herman Cain, the American Mustache Institute today announced it had rescinded its endorsement for his presidential candidacy,” the organization, a nonprofit charity and “the world’s leading facial hair advocacy organization,” announced in a statement Wednesday. “[M]embers of the AMI administration said they could not in good conscience support his candidacy on behalf of the powerful Mustached American electorate.”

It isn’t normally the policy here at FTSOS to do independent journalistic research because it isn’t that sort of website, but I went ahead and started asking a few questions. According to an anonymous, high-ranking source within the AMI, the organization fears that if it continues to associate itself with Cain that “the term ‘molestache’ will become more and more popular – and we aren’t willing to just sit around while the dignity of the mustache faces such insults.”

6 Responses

  1. Haha, mustaches jokes, always funny.

    Yes there are settlements, but that is more evidence of the cost of defending oneself against false allegations than it is proof anything ever actually happened. I don’t know if he is a evil sexual predator or not, but I do know that even the allegations we have so far are less serious than those leveled against your man Wild Bill Clinton.

    And allegations are proof of nothing.

  2. informal poll that i took: more guys are concerned about Cain’s apparent lack of success when hitting on chicks than about the current allegations.

  3. You think hiding consensual sex is more serious than sexual harassment? LOL, some values system you have there.

  4. Bill Clinton was accused of raping someone in 1978, I think that accusation is more serious, yes.

    Truer? No idea, but certainly more serious.

  5. Hitchens even talks about it in one of his books, and how the woman’s story was… well believable and somewhat credible… I don’t recall which one.

  6. “No one left to lie to” that’s the book.

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