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Here’s what I don’t like about the abortion debate: One side says it is about controlling women whereas the other side insists it is about murder. There is plenty of truth from the first side, but that truth is concentrated amongst a minority of Christians and Muslims in the US. The second side, of course, is entirely wrong. But regardless of whether either side is right or wrong on these claims, I still don’t like anything about it. So what if the other guy has shitty motivations? That doesn’t make him wrong.

2 Responses

  1. I think the abortion debate is too much extremism and irrational value judgments. I don’t see the pro life side as being motivated by a desire to control women, I think that’s a cartoonish lie. I also don’t think abortion is identical to first-degree murder. I think Christopher Hitchen’s has framed the debate pretty well from a secular viewpoint.

  2. I would say quite a bit of the pro life side isn’t motivated by a desire to control women, but it wouldn’t be hard for me to find quotes from major Christian organizations that talk about how abortion allows too much freedom for women.

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