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About 243,000 jobs were created in January, or roughly 113,00 more than were expected. The November and December jobs reports have been revised to reflect 60,000 more jobs than were originally thought to have been added. The report for 2011 has been revised to include 200,000 more jobs than were first thought. Unemployment has ticked down to 8.3%.

No word yet on how the Republicans are going to revamp their plan to reverse course and sabotage the economy for political gain.

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  1. Not to fear. There’s this guy named Rossi claiming he has what amounts to a free energy device and he’s in discussions to find a plant to build millions. Claims to have a million pre-orders. THINK OF THE JOBS!! lol.

    Of course there’s no definite proof offered. In place of that are the usual grandiose promises, etc. But I took a fun stab at the subject I though I’d share. If you like my particular form of snark the following is a doozy:


  2. That is a great report for this country and I’m glad to hear it.

    As for spin, both sides are now saying that. The free market types are asking how the left’s economic policies can explain the change:

  3. They don’t know anything. No one knows what influenced the creation of these jobs anymore than they know what has been causing the loss. Which is kind of the problem with both parties thinking they know exactly what legislation will fix _______________. As far as Congress goes with regard to the economy, when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

    Just out of curiosity, do you remember that month when we gained or lost exactly what was expected or even close to it? No? Neither do I. I don’t even think they are economists, I think they are out of work weathermen.

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