Thought of the day

If Christianity was such a valuable influence on science, why was science dead for a millennium and a half after Christianity took hold?

~Jerry Coyne

Louis C.K. drops out of hosting Congressional Correspondents dinner

One of the funniest comedians out there, Louis C.K., has decided he doesn’t want to host the Congressional Correspondents dinner. His decision came soon after FOX Noise host and daughter of parents with awful taste in baby names Greta Van Susteren said some stupid things:

C.K.’s take-no-prisoners brand of stand up comedy apparently rubs Van Susteren the wrong way. “Louis C.K. Comedian? I don’t think so. Pig? Yes,” she wrote on her blog on March 8.

The Fox News host included a few choice quotations from C.K.’s Twitter and stand up, which she argued made attending the event unconscionable. “I refuse to show any support for this guy or for the Radio and Television Correspondents Association Dinner Committee who hired him,” she added. “I think the organization that hired him is just as bad as he is. It is no secret that he denigrates women.”

I find this very surprising. Aside from the fact that, as usual, a FOX Noise personality is absolutely wrong – I suppose that isn’t all that surprising – Van Susteren is the one who works for Republicans. It’s just a little bit ironic that she’s going about telling other people not to denigrate women.