Thought of the day

It never ceases to amaze me how much historical revisionism conservatives are willing to create. I actually just read an entire thread on Facebook (on YH&C‘s wall) where people tried to blame Democrats and liberals for creating this ‘debate’ over birth control and Rush Limbaugh’s horrible, misogynistic comments. Last time I checked, it was the Republicans who were pretending that employers who get government funding shouldn’t be subject to government regulations, that any employer at all should be able to make up a ‘moral’ objection to something they find inconvenient. (Maybe we should do that with employers who ‘morally’ object to civil rights?) Last time I checked, it was Limbaugh who called all women who have sex prostitutes.

Yep. Looks like the left, once again, is not only in the clear on the bullshit-o-meter, but is also 100% correct on this entire issue. I don’t get why anyone votes Republican.