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It never ceases to amaze me how much historical revisionism conservatives are willing to create. I actually just read an entire thread on Facebook (on YH&C‘s wall) where people tried to blame Democrats and liberals for creating this ‘debate’ over birth control and Rush Limbaugh’s horrible, misogynistic comments. Last time I checked, it was the Republicans who were pretending that employers who get government funding shouldn’t be subject to government regulations, that any employer at all should be able to make up a ‘moral’ objection to something they find inconvenient. (Maybe we should do that with employers who ‘morally’ object to civil rights?) Last time I checked, it was Limbaugh who called all women who have sex prostitutes.

Yep. Looks like the left, once again, is not only in the clear on the bullshit-o-meter, but is also 100% correct on this entire issue. I don’t get why anyone votes Republican.

10 Responses

  1. I wish that fat piece of shit junkie would OD already. The world will be a better place when Rush Limbaugh is dead.

  2. How dignified a comment, wishing death on another.

  3. Another bit of revisionism is the claim that the issue of whether insurance should be required to cover birth control was just recently “jinned up.” I’ve been hearing about this issue for years and years! Everyone who spent many frustrating years on seemingly fruitless advocacy work must be thrilled that it’s *finally* getting serious attention. But nope, some random guy on Facebook hadn’t heard about it until recently, so clearly it didn’t exist before then!

  4. I don’t wish anyone would die, but the world would be a better place without Limbaugh.

  5. You’re right, the world is a better place with Limbaugh my mother is a whore, Trebek.

  6. Fixed my typo and your comment.

  7. Nice work, I enjoyed it while it lasted.

  8. Like I did with your mother.

  9. So, what, about a minute?

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