Dharun Ravi found guilty on all counts in Tyler Clementi case

The bigoted roommate who filmed Rutger’s student Tyler Clementi has been found guilty on all charges:

The Rutgers University spying trial has dealt a mighty blow to Dharun Ravi, who was found guilty on Friday of all 15 of the charges he faced in connection to peeping via webcam on his roommate, Tyler Clementi, as Clementi had sex with another man in September 2010. Ravi had promoted his invasive broadcast via tweets and text messages, in which he encouraged friends to tune in and watch the intimate moment unfold in real time. Clementi would take his own life three days later, by jumping off of the George Washington Bridge. Ravi was not standing trial for Clementi’s death, but his supporters argued that in a way he was: They argued that by appending the “hate crime” label to it, and the harsher sentences that come along with it, Ravi was being subjected to manslaughter-level justice for what amounted to an immature and bratty prank. Besides, there was no way to prove Ravi held any bias against gay people.The jury didn’t agree.


If atheists were like American Christians

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Well done, Maryland

At least a few states can get things done:

The state Senate voted Thursday to significantly raise taxes on Marylanders earning half a million dollars or more — prompting complaints that liberals were bent on launching class warfare in the state.

The Senate’s vote to adopt what is being dubbed a “millionaire’s tax” came after some liberal-leaning senators said they would refuse to support a smaller, across-the-board increase in income taxes unless the wealthy took a special hit. The chamber was considering a plan to raise taxes on most Maryland taxpayers by up to a quarter of a percentage point — a proposal that eventually passed by a vote of 26-20.

The plan to tax top earners — those earning more than $500,000 a year — at a higher rate would only affect 15,000 households, who would pay at least $2,752 more for joint filers.

I’m not sure how an extra $2700 or so dollars is “significant” when we’re dealing with a half million or higher. I’m sure the wealthy will get along just fine with or without this tax. And I bet they won’t change their spending or investing habits one bit either.