Dharun Ravi found guilty on all counts in Tyler Clementi case

The bigoted roommate who filmed Rutger’s student Tyler Clementi has been found guilty on all charges:

The Rutgers University spying trial has dealt a mighty blow to Dharun Ravi, who was found guilty on Friday of all 15 of the charges he faced in connection to peeping via webcam on his roommate, Tyler Clementi, as Clementi had sex with another man in September 2010. Ravi had promoted his invasive broadcast via tweets and text messages, in which he encouraged friends to tune in and watch the intimate moment unfold in real time. Clementi would take his own life three days later, by jumping off of the George Washington Bridge. Ravi was not standing trial for Clementi’s death, but his supporters argued that in a way he was: They argued that by appending the “hate crime” label to it, and the harsher sentences that come along with it, Ravi was being subjected to manslaughter-level justice for what amounted to an immature and bratty prank. Besides, there was no way to prove Ravi held any bias against gay people.The jury didn’t agree.


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  1. I have a problem with appending the “hate crime” label to things like this. I didn’t sit through the trial so obviously I didn’t hear all the evidence admitted, but I have a hard time figuring out why this was a hate crime. Would it have been a regular crime if Clementi had been a straight guy with severe emotional problems who killed himself anyway after experiencing this? I subscribe to the belief that the punishment should suit the act committed, not necessarily the motivation behind the act, because then it’s a very slippery slope to thought crime.

  2. I’m conflicted about this judgement. Justin makes some good points. I tend to agree with him.

    Instability in emotionally disturbed people cannot be cured from without..it must be treated from within with help from without. No question Ravi aggravated the situation and should pay a price…but what is that price…?

  3. I think what convinced the jury was that Ravi displayed some real malice over a number of occasions in a number of situations. I don’t know exactly what the statute reads where he is, but it sounds like some specifics of the case really pushed things over the edge. I do agree, though, that we do want to be careful to not tread into the realm of thought-crime.

  4. I just don’t believe in hate crimes.

    It’s not that I disagree with the severity of hate crime penalties, its that I disagree with lighter penalties being given for the same act, only without some sort of hate in their mind. It’s the very definition of thought crime.

  5. There is an argument to be made that crimes against specific groups is worse than crimes against random people.

  6. Of course there is, but I’m not sure you are talking about the difference that I am. You seem to be talking about the difference between first and second degree murder.

    Just as a curiosity, I find second degree crimes to be worse than the premeditated variety.

  7. Of course I would give them all either the death penalty or life without the possibility of parole, so the hate crime issue with murder is pretty much academic with me.

    However, if this guy had done the same thing to a straight guy, he would be looking at a lighter sentence. I see no reason why that should be so. Again, I’m not saying we should reduce penalties for “hate crimes”, I’m saying we should get rid of them and make that the penalty for all acts, regardless about ones thoughts on race or sexuality.

  8. This is a witch hunt, plain as can be. Ravi is a jerk, but not a murderer.


  9. Ravi is indeed a jerk. I read the first comment ready to pounce, then made myself read the entire comment thread, haha. :p

  10. I read in the paper today that he might be at risk for deportation. Where is he from?

  11. India? Somewhere in that area I think.

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