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It amazes me when I read the argument that science and religion do not conflict simply because some major scientist from the Enlightenment – usually Newton – embraced them both. Come on. Is it really surprising that there was overlap between an old system and a burgeoning one?

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  1. And yet, when an influential scientist demolishes one of the few remaining gaps in which the Big Guy seems to have a penchant for hiding, the other old turkey is trotted out: “Science doesn’t know *everything*, you know!”

  2. I’m not trying to make the argument you are criticizing, but you don’t just have a new and an old system overlapping. Unless those new and old systems overlap by the last 3,000 years of human history, which is basically all of (recorded) human history.

    What I would say is that it should be no surprise that certain religious people are also drawn to science, the questions both seek to answer, while not identical, are similar. One asks why, the other asks how.

    And Newton is a crappy example. If someone wanted to make this argument, the one to go for would be Copernicus, who was not only a scientist but also a priest or they wished to go for a more modern flavor, Georges Lemaître, the ‘father’ of the Big Bang, who was likewise a priest.

    Still a dumb argument, but if you are going to do a thing, I think everyone would appreciate a little more effort.

  3. Oh, and speaking of the Big Bang, just like the Universe, your mother has been expanding from the start.

    Also like the Universe, I spend most of my time inside her.

  4. And like the Universe, she has yet to notice you.

  5. Hotdog down a hallway, what can one do?

  6. So that’s what they’re calling Vienna Sausages now?

  7. That’s kind of what Vienna Sausages are, should have gone with Lil’ Smokies, but not bad.

  8. This is getting kinda surreal… pass the hash pipe so I can get the vibe, will you, chaps?

  9. He doesn’t know, but I’m actually his real father. Granted, he is a year and change older than I, but you’re the science fiction writer, you figure that part out.

  10. Or whatever.

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