I’m tired of the Andreas Moritz defenders

I get a new comment on my post about what a moron Andreas Moritz is every so often. If they don’t show up on that post, they show up somewhere else or on another blog of mine. I rarely read them because when I do, I come across garbage like this:

Your science is limited to that which can be measured, usually by a machine. It is insufficiently advanced to cope with the whole human phenomenon.

It is immediately evident that this person, just like Moritz, has no formal science background. It would be a greater use of my time to argue with young Earth creationists.

So here is what I am going to do now. Every time I get a new comment, I am going to go to Moritz’s fan page, find someone who is asking him for help, and privately message that person to let him or her know that Moritz is a quack who cannot help. I realize I could simply close comments on the posts I have about him, but that isn’t good enough. Every time someone comes over here to defend the quack, I want to steer dupes/customers away from him. I did it once before – it felt great.

So remember, anyone who cares to defend Moritz is actually taking business away from him. It’s like a Chinese finger trap but useful and potentially life-saving.

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  1. FYI you arrogant, poorly-educated bigot, I have a very strong scientific background that began before you were born and will no doubt continue till long after you grow up, should that ever happen!

  2. Hi Gillian, control your anger please – it could kill you. At least, according to Wunder Doctor Moritz.

    There is this funny little idea that people who were ‘scientifically educated long before I was born’ used to be taught to be respectful, spread wisdom, and provide more light than heat.

    I’m glad that you are prepared to debunk that myth.

  3. I made the mistake of, after reading your article, jumping to the comments section and reading, at least, 90% of them. My eyes are bleeding, it saddens me to see that many mumbo-jumbo fanatics talking about what they think real science is. Well done Michael, you have way more patience than I will ever have.

  4. Gillian, what is the nature of this “scientific background” of which you’ve spoken before in exactly the same idiom?

    You certainly haven’t displayed much scientific skepticism with regard to Anreas Moritiz.

    I have told you that lumps as supposedly dislodged by liver flushes are too big to go through bile ducts, and that they can be produced in a beaker with the aid of Moritz’ flush ingredients (e.g. olive oil, Epsom salts and lemon juice; other substitutes can be made for the exact oil, salts and acid, but giving the same result). You have asked me if I have taken a liver flush and I have not (I don’t want quack-induced diarrhoea, thank you very much) but I have done this particular experiment.

    The result is clumps of saponified olive oil that are indistinguishable from the supposed liver and gall stones.

    Will you? You must have the ingredients on hand if you’re doing the liver flushes.

    If you will not, you are the closed-minded one, because you will not perform a simple test that would put your claim in doubt. It also gives the lie to your claim to be a scientific person. Scientific is as scientific does, and you aren’t doing.

    Will you try this? Or are you just another troll?

  5. I did Moritz’s liver flush ten times b/c I was desperate. Then I started reading his books, watching his youtube videos, reading his curezone page and my impression is: He is a stupid quack who tries to make a buck in the health industry.

    Actually I have the impression he is not very intelligent. And he makes claims in a way where he is sure to be right either way. Like horoscopes do.

    Just read his list of liver symptons and where the flush may help. He makes sure to back up every symptom anyone could have.

  6. My boyfriend has done 4 of these liver flushes and swears by Andreas Moritz. He claims he has passed about 1,000 “stones” in all. I have no idea what these “stones” really are. He says these flushes are the answer to decades of sickness for him. I have no idea why he feels better, but I really want to get to the root of it. Is there any scientific validity in any of it? My boyfriend is now trying to get his elderly, sickly father who has been diagnosed with gallstones to start doing flushes as well. I fear these flushes could end up killing his father.

    I’ve been searching for scientific proof of what actually happens in the body during one of Andreas Moritz’s liver/gallbladder flushes. Is it possible that everything he’s feeling is just a placebo effect. How can I prove it one way or the other?

    Can you steer me in the right direction.

  7. A lot of people report feeling better – but this is no proof that those stones are real. Just use your common sense: a few thounsand stones in the liver? You would be dead!

    People who feel better have to take into account that they eat healthier in preperation to the flush, they fast almost a day and then clean their intestines with magnesiumcitrate (or what is it called?!?).

    When people pass those stones they are shocked and really think those stones were inside them.

    A flush CAN harm you, but it can also help you. The flush itself is harsh on the intestine and kidneys and depletes minerals. But I also heard from people that they prevented gallstone operation – but I just read this on the internet so you have to be careful with these statements because we do not know the circumstances.

    In the end I do not like Andreas for fooling the people by saying these stones are real.

  8. I have done four liver flushes, and they have saved my life. Before the flushes, my lab reports showed disfunction in the gallbladder, and now they are gone. People aren’t stupid, when something works, it is much different than a placebo effect. My hair was falling out, I developed inflimation throughout all of my joints, lost twenty pounds and had pale white skin. I have done many, many colon flushes before this, and it is not even close to being the same. After these stones came out, I immediately felt stronger and more vobrant, to a degree that is extremely obvious. My hair has grown back in, my skin is glowing, and I’ve gained my weight back. It doesn’t matter what you mix with the olive oil or what kind of fat is used .. Bile is dispatched from the liver in high volume, at a high force, causing it to push to stones out. Does it ever cross your mind that conventional medicine could be denying to carry out real testing on this process to protect the profits of their business? If not, well I guess you haven’t read the thousands of cases where they have either denied testing on or supressed natural medicines which could threaten the entire existance of their little monopoly game they’re playing there. The AMA, FTC, FDA and ACS are the four most corrupt organizations in the world. The AMA was caught, tried and found guilty for conspiring against chiropractors and this is only one case where they were caught suppressing real practices which would undermine their profit margins. If everyone flushed their livers, cleansed their bodies, ate a vegan diet, and cleansed themselves of emotional retention, there really wouldn’t be any more need for the residual perscriptions they sell. People like Andreas are a real threat to them. I don’t know how you can deny that emotions like anger can manifest into disease? Have you ever heard of the endocrine system? Will it not pump out massive amounts of survival response chemicals into the body as a result of harboring anger? If it dodn’t, that would mean you believe everyone’s body is disfunctional. When these chemicals are released consistantly, they become extremely toxic to the body. Does toxocity and immune depletion have nothing to do with cancer? This only makes sense that you resolve harbored emotions to eliminate all toxicity for a greater chance at survival. Andreas is not a dangerous man, those who don’t understand Andreas’ teachings are dangerous, because they’re based from common sense and the simple laws of nature. The body can only withstand so much un-natural behavior until it must activate into a defense. Those who believe that cancer; a carcinogen-induced disease should be treated with even more deadly carcinogens (chemo) are down right dangerous. Killing cancer cells is no rocket science, there are hundreds of natural compounds proven scientifically to kill cancer cells at the same rate as chemo, but without healthy cells being effected. I see the people who defend conventional medicine in the same way I see teenagers wearing clothing with name brands stuck to the front of them. You’re marketing a business, for free. And in the end, that same business you’re marketing will take the shirt off your back and have away with you as well. Conventional medicine is a fraud, a scam and a pyramid scheme. If you take a look at the top of the pyramid, you’ll find the same people who own the media and most drug companies. We are natural forces of nature, therefore the only medicine designed for our bodies is natural medicine. When you’re wondering through the bushes, you don’t find pills growing on trees, or vaccine needles sprouting from shrubs. Everything we need to keep ourselves healthy comes from the ground, and if you do some more due dilligence in researching natural health, from a perspective aside from the one held by the business which has trillions in financial interest to suppress, you will also find that the only quacks in medicine are the ones telling us that drugs are the answer, and what we eat isn’t that important. Natural medicine is a very old and wise medicine, whereas conventional is extremely young, ignorant and immature. It is the teenager who thinks they know more than their parents. Anyways, carry on trying to defy the laws of nature, good luck ;)

  9. RoughNeck — If Andreas Moritz was so brilliant and such a health visionary, why did he die at age 58? If modern medicine is such a scam and we can all cure ourselves of all our ailments through a vegan diet and liver flushes, why is the king of these liver flushes dead? Even more curious, why hasn’t his family released the cause of death?

    Be careful whose advice you follow or you might just end up following in their footsteps.

  10. Susan wrote: “If Andreas Moritz was so brilliant and such a health visionary, why did he die at age 58?”

    That one is easy. If his ideas about vegan diets and liver flushes were not so briliiant, he would have died at age 51. :-)

    P.S. please note the smiley.

  11. If Andreas died of natural causes, 58 isn’t all that early under the cicumstances of his medical history. He actually died and came back to life several times throughout his youth as a result of the severity of the illness he experienced. His body was forced into over-drive for years and years on end, and It is highly likely his body was permanently damaged from those circumstances. When the body is stressed so heavily, enough times, long term effects can be a result, therefore minimizing lifespan. Andreas was lucky to of reached 20, which his practices and teachings are to be accredited for. If you read his books, you’ll learn that conventional medicine failed him over and over again, and if he had accepted everything they said as the irrefutable truth, he would of died 40 some odd years ago. Despite what age a person dies at, it is not very intelligent to determine a person’s validity by how long they lived. It should be determined through scientific proof, common sense and first hand experience. When you carry out a natural healing protocol on your body like the ones Andreas endorses, you know without a question of a doubt, first hand how it has effected the quality of your health and or lifespan. When all of your hair grows back in, you gain back a healthy weight, your skin starts glowing and your emotional health regains clarity, there is no need to validate it’s safety or effectiveness by seeing how old it’s advocator lives to. Everything that I have done for myself in response to Andreas’ instruction has made me look and feel younger, healthier and much happier. If it wasn’t for his teachings, I would of been six feet under 5 years ago. R.I.P Andreas.

  12. @RoughNeck: I already told them someone would offer that sorry excuse. You just did.

  13. Excuse for what? Dying at 58 cannot disprove all of the scientific and statistical evidence he put forward. We will never have a clue what killed him, despite whether if we get a cause of death confirmation. There are countless doctors who once began exposing the corruption of mainstream medicine ended up dead under suspicious circumstances or have been poisoned or shot, who survived like Dr. Coldwell. He still has bullet wounds and a bullet in his body as proof. His car has been bombed several times as well. A person who takes responibility for their own health reads between the lines, and checks through first hand experimental practices whether or not the information being provided is valuable, not by sitting back and watching to see how long he lives first.

  14. I believe his family is doing his memory a disservice by going silent about his death. I believe they also excluded a larger family from the grieving process which is selfish and insensitive. It is however their right to speak as little or as much about his death as they wish. Still I have to say I am unsettled about the secrecy, the perpetuation of his image without remark or comment that he is no longer alive. This smacks of a business decision and discredits the family as well as the business.

  15. Hey look, another thread to close.

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