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To review: To review: Republicans ruin economy, lose power, intentionally stall the economy, regain some power, continue to intentionally stall the economy, ask for more power.

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  1. To review your review of your (ostensibly earlier) review: Both parties contribute decades of bad policies to the mix, which create or at least significantly contribute to a massive housing bubble (perhaps intentionally if the powers that be took p-krugs advice).

    During the course of which both parties lose and retake and lose again each of the three main political organs and after each loss ask for more power.

    And you continue to think the Republicans are the primary bad guys? They all suck, I blame everyone and if you want to be honest, so should you.

    Unless you go for a specific policy or you have a funny picture, you aren’t going to convince me. Though I’m sure you never intended or expected to.

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