Atheists of Maine volunteer effort

Everything that follows is from Atheists of Maine:

We’ve been talking about making an effort to get Atheists of Maine involved with a charity this Thanksgiving. We want to do something hands-on that will enable us to do some good while also showing people that atheists are good without God. We were open to a number of possibilities, including teaming up with religious organizations, but as of today we have found our charity: . Here’s their mission statement:

Food AND Medicine’s mission is to organize, educate, and empower workers and our communities in the fight for economic and social justice. Food AND Medicine believes that by working together with unions, farmers, community groups, small businesses, and faith-based organizations we will create solutions and positive change.

Right now they’re looking to put together 1000 meals at $30 a piece. As it so happens, one of our members has generously offered to put $1,000 towards the charity we help, so that means Food AND Medicine will be able to put together about another 33 meals to feed another 33 families.

Stuff like this makes a big difference.

In addition to the monetary donation being made in the name of Atheists of Maine, our members will be volunteering time this Sunday (and potentially other days) to put these baskets together and help make this whole show work. If interested – atheist or not – let us know! The more help, the better.

Location and Time

Food AND Medicine is located at Solidarity Center, 20 Ivers Street, Brewer, ME 04412 and they need help over the course of a number of days. For Atheists of Maine, we will be helping this Sunday, November 18. For those who can’t make that date but still want to help, here is a copy and paste from an email we received earlier today:

Sort Preparation– Tuesday November 13th – Thursday November 15th
Times: 10am – 5pm each day
Location: 20 Ivers St (Solidarity Center)
Projects: washing and sorting produce, preparing bags, sorting stuffing, setting up for weekend sort

SORTING DAYS! – Friday November 16th – Monday November 19th
Times: 8am – 6pm each day. Our biggest needs are all day Friday and Saturday in the morning
Location: 20 Ivers St (Solidarity Center)
Projects: carrying produce to hall from basement, helping sort produce, carrying full bags back to basement, helping load trucks

Final truck and clean up — Tuesday November 20th
Times: 8am – 10am
Location: 20 Ivers St (Solidarity Center)
Project: Loading final 150 baskets onto semi truck, help with Solidarity Center clean up

Again, Atheists of Maine will be helping this Sunday. Any time between 8:00am and 6:00pm is fine, and we’ll update our Facebook page as to when Michael, Ryan, and/or Will (the AoM co-leaders) plan on getting there.

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