That Christian love

From AoM:

We’re having our third Atheists of Maine meeting this Saturday in the Auburn Public Library from 11am-1pm and it looks like we’re going to have a decent turnout. Bolstering us at least a little will be the presence of a few of our members’ kids (who, sometimes, are also active members themselves). One person, however, wanted to be sure it would be fine if he brought his 14 year old son. Of course, we’re always delighted to give anyone and everyone an honest introduction into what atheism is (something Christians seem to routinely fail miserably at doing), so we let him know that. Unfortunately, one of this person’s distant in-laws saw that he had posted on our page and…well, see for yourselves:


And, lo, the Lord did say, “He who hath doubted me is not only a fool, but too is he retarded.” And, hail, Jesus did that thing kids do with their hands against their chests to indicate retardation. Later, some bears attacked a bald guy for some reason, but the Lord doth digress.

~KJV, somewhere in the back

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