Year in review

I’ll hit the high points:

  • Rush Limbaugh said women who have ‘too much’ sex are sluts. Conservatives doubled down for some stupid reason.
  • NASA landed its rover. Everyone loved the guy with the mohawk.
  • The Olympics were okay.
  • Nate Silver used science and math and junk to accurately predict the election. Republicans ignored this devil magic, finding themselves hugely shocked the day after the election.
  • Speaking of which, that skinny fella won re-election, beating out that cliche bad guy character who, I presume, wanted to bulldoze a beloved children’s playground to make way for a strip mall.
  • I am in Argentina, so it’s actually the middle of the month as I write this (scheduled) post. I presume we saw a last minute deal on this fiscal cliff stuff. If not, I may just stay in Argentina.

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