The immaturity of spanking

One of the most immature acts a person can commit is that of spanking as a form of punishment. Just consider what Ronald Kronenberger did to fellow adults:

An Ohio landlord and businessman charged with assault after police suspected him of spanking a tenant who owed him rent money is now being sued in civil court for a similar accusation by a mentally disabled man.

Mark Neace filed a civil lawsuit in Warren County Common Pleas Courthouse earlier this week claiming Ronald Kronenberger, 53, punished him “with a belt and paddle” on four separate occasions…

Neace volunteered at Kronenberger’s grocery stores in Waynesville, Ohio, 40 miles north of Cincinnati, from November to mid-December, according to his attorney, Eric Deters.

Kronenberger “would find any little thing wrong with what he (Neace) had done and would take him into the office and have him pull his pants down and hit him,” Deters said…

Kronenberger was placed into a diversion program in a Warren County courtroom earlier this month after he was charged with one count of assault for striking Jimmy Marshall, 29, on the buttocks in January, according to court documents.

Marshall, a former tenant of Kronenberger, told authorities he was hit by the man as punishment because he owed him $2,800 in rent, according to the Dayton Daily News.

The rationale behind what Kronenberger did and what so many parents do is exactly the same: he saw bad behavior and sought to correct it via physical force. The only difference between his actions and the immature actions of petulant child-like parents is that we have laws in place to protect adults. I guess we just don’t feel the same way about protecting children.

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