September 11

There were a number of factors involved in why 9/11 happened, but it cannot be denied that any single factor could potentially be eliminated with the same end result. That is, any single factor with the exception of faith. Faith – belief without evidence – allows for anything and everything and is an invalid methodology to come to anything resembling a consistent conclusion or type of conclusion on any matter.

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  1. While I am not exactly sure of how you are tying this into the equation, and I am not being snitty, maybe I’m just having a slow day…I completely agree with your conclusion.

    Everywhere I look on these blogs, and others across the inter void, one thing is a common sight. That is someone loudly and proudly proclaiming their particular faith in religion x, isn’t just a belief, or faith, but rather that that belief is a matter of fact, and so much so it is beyond question. Everyone just knows it is so.

    They can’t be bothered with actually, you know, providing any evidence why belief in x, is true, in fact they will lie, misrepresent, evade, rationalize, you know the routine…but as you said, from the get go, it is an invalid methodology. I wish I had a valid methodology hammer :)

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