Wear sunscreen

As a relatively pale person of northern European descent, I find sunscreen to be invaluable. ug-leeI have absolutely no problem being the guy with the light bulb nose. It’s way better than the Rudolph nose later, and undoubtedly superior to developing skin cancer or even just unsightly sunspots.

Now that the weather is getting nicer, sunscreen sales will be increasing, but not everyone is happy about this. There are a number of quacks out there who will peddle false information about vitamin D. Some of them will go the even more egregious route of saying sunscreen doesn’t protect against cancer.

Don’t let these quacks fool you. Sunscreen absolutely protects against the rays of the Sun which can and often do lead to cancer:

Sun protection is essential to skin cancer prevention – about 90 percent of non-melanoma skin cancers and 65 percent of melanomas are associated with exposure to UV radiation from the sun. Furthermore, years of scientific research have provided compelling evidence that the daily use of sunscreen helps lower the risk of non-melanoma skin cancers. Most recently, in a rigorous study of more than 1,600 adults over the course of a decade, researchers determined that subjects applying sunscreen with an SPF of 16 daily reduced their risk of melanoma by 50 percent.

Unlike quack medicine, sunscreen is safe and effective. I foolishly got a sun burn last month, acting on the assumption that “Maine”, “April”, and “sun burn” were three things I would never have to use in the same sentence. I was wrong. I’ve been making it a point to protect my skin every nice day we’ve had since. It can be tedious, and it’s not always convenient, but cancer treatment is often pretty tedious and inconvenient itself.

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  1. You’re absolutely uninformed and ignorant, both in your knowledge as well as in your interactions with others. I’ve scrolled through your “info” and comments. I’ve gathered your a paid shill. I’m pretty pale, never used sunscreen in my life and at 51 am free of cancers, wrinkles and spots. People who believe what you write without doing their own investigation are doing themselves a great disservice.

  2. If you’re pale, then you clearly mustn’t get much sunshine hitting your skin. Why you think this post would apply to you is unclear.

  3. Hi Michael, you can easily verify that most comercial sunscreen include many cancer causing chemicals and substances associated with other complications. This is easily verifiable.

    More importantly, there are other ways to protect yourself.
    – Make your own sunscreen with fewer ingredients.
    – Avoid sun exposure in peak hours.
    – Wear a cap
    – Depending what country you are, use appropriate clothing to cover or use an umbrella.


  4. That’s a dangerous lie, Ian. Sunscreens protect against cancer and the ingredients in them have not been associated with an increase in cancer across multiple studies. Like with many health issues, protecting one’s self from cancer is not a zero-sum game, and so avoiding exposure and wearing hats and clothes is good advice, but sunscreen is an important component.

    There’s a reason it’s quacks (as opposed to real doctors) like Mercola, Moritz, and Maloney that shit on sunscreen.

  5. Why not just tell people the truth instead.
    Yes it is true that sunscreen causes cancer and no, the sun doesn’t!!!

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