Paul LePage loves welfare

He just hates poor people.

Creationist Republican/Tea Party candidate for Maine governor Paul LePage rages against government and the assistance it gives to poor people. He’s intensely angry that anyone would have the audacity to take his money from him in order to help others. But this isn’t some pure libertarian stance he’s taking. No, as is well-known, the LePages stole a lot of money from Florida by illegally claim double-residency, thus getting their children in-state tuition at massive savings. This, as is the case with virtually all Tea Party supporters, is about greed. LePage is willing to take government assistance – welfare – from the state of Florida when it suits his wallet, but when it comes to helping anyone else he wants to put caps on benefits and slash every service under the sun.

Paul LePage is just another greedy Republican/Teabagger who is out to get his own. It has only ever been about his own wallet.

LePage freaks out

This joke of a candidate, Paul LePage, has had issues with his anger in the past. He once declared he wouldn’t be talking with reporters directly when he was caught up in his creationist lies. According to some info from a little birdie, there exists a tape of him from March 2008 where he flipped out on a librarian at a City Council meeting; the librarian apparently had some budget concerns – the audacity! (FYI, the tape is available for $50 at Waterville City Hall.) And now there’s this.

On Monday, Paul LePage was asked by a reporter to clarify the residency status of his wife. He said he’d already addressed the issue.

When other reporters continued pressing for an answer, he began walking away.

“I am running for governor, not my wife. I want to talk about the $1 billion shortfalls we have,” he said.

Asked why he transferred the deed for his house at 438 Main St. in Waterville from both their names to just her name, LePage said his name never appeared on the deed.

“I never had it on. Never had it on! Ever,” he said. “That house was bought for my wife. That house in Florida my mother-in-law bought, we helped her.”

According to Kennebec County property records, however, LePage and his wife’s names were on the deed issued October 11, 1995 when they purchased the house. The property was transferred to just Ann LePage on Feb. 23, 1996, according to another record bearing Paul LePage’s signature.

The guy clearly has poor control over his emotions. But notice when he has poor control. Once the issues move from his constant threats to cut every program into oblivion because he hates poor people, he gets testy. LePage’s big rhetorical weakness is on the social issues. Of course, he’s a weak candidate all around, but rhetorically, at least on the economy, he has obvious appeal. But that disappears when he starts talking about his creationist beliefs or his deeply held bigotry. Once he moves into those issues, he’s a goner.

I hope reporters keep pressing him; he shouldn’t be the one dictating the election season discourse.