Blood libel

After claiming her rhetoric has nothing to do with violence – one wonders why she took down her violent images and tweets, no? – Sarah Palin has gone and done something else stupid.

Sarah Palin today accused her opponents of manufacturing a “blood libel” by suggesting her rhetoric and campaign tactics had anything to do with the Arizona shootings.

Palin’s bizarre use of language is sure to provoke further controversy. A blood libel refers to a notorious passage in St Matthew where Jews said of the crucifixion: “Let his blood be on our heads.” Later it referred to a medieval myth that Jews killed Christian children as part of a religious ritual. Giffords is Arizona’s first Jewish congresswoman.

I’m more than willing to admit a lack of familiarity with the term “blood libel” before now. But then, I’m not the one using it in a rhetorically correct, but politically horrendous fashion.