Good job, Democrats

The Democratic Party is getting up to date with the 14th Amendment:

The Democratic Party is aiming to include support for gay marriage in its party platform this year for the first time in its history, a Democratic source said on Monday.

The platform drafting committee unanimously approved language on Sunday endorsing same-sex marriage among the policy positions that will be presented to the convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, where President Barack Obama will formally accept the party’s nomination in early September to run for re-election.

No official word yet on when the GOP will do away with its bigotry, but experts estimate it will occur roughly sometime between 2013 and when Satan gets Hitler and the boys together for a game of ice hockey.

Pesky facts

Don’t go about blaming the health care bill for Democratic losses. Those who voted against the bill lost their seats at a higher rate than those who voted for it.

Thought of the day

If Obama and the rest of the Democrats would actually make the Republicans follow through on their filibuster attempts, things could actually get done. Because really, how long does anyone think the Republicans will actually stand on the Senate floor and talk continuously?

Obama continues to fix the errors of Bush

Scientists will be allowed to make the guidelines surrounding use of embryonic stem cells.

The government issued final rules Monday expanding taxpayer-funded research using embryonic stem cells, easing scientists’ fears that some of the oldest batches might not qualify and promising a master list of all that do.

President Barack Obama lifted previous restrictions on the field in March, but left it to the National Institutes of Health to decide just what stem cell research was ethically appropriate: Only science that uses cells culled from leftover fertility clinic embryos — ones that otherwise would be thrown away — the agency made clear in draft guidelines.

This is precisely how it should be. It is those well versed in science who should be making the relevant decisions within science. Politicians rarely ever know much of anything about how science needs to work. This is doubly true for Republicans. So it comes as no surprise that it has taken the election of Democrats to at least get a few things right.

The Republicans are falling for it

I keep hearing this crap about how Rush me some pills Limbaugh is now the voice of the Republican party. He apparently represents this group of old, racist, bigoted, zealous white men who hate all that is not evil. It makes sense. But really, what has changed between a year ago and now? The Republicans took a whacking in the election because they represent bad ideas that conflict with reality, but what about Limbaugh? How has he changed? He was tops in the radio business before this. Why is now different? The answer is actually quite simple. The Republicans are idiots.

Republicans hate the media (bar Fox Noise). Everything that happens is media bias and they’re all “in the tank” for Obama. Okay, swell. But who is it that has elevated Limbaugh so much? He’s in the same position he was in 365 days ago. He hasn’t done anything different from being a hateful, stupid, immorally obese, moron of a man. What has happened is that the media has donned him an unofficial leader in the Republican party. But at the same time, it is impossible to read anything about the Republican party that doesn’t talk about how they’re purging their ranks. Anyone who is moderate is not part of Real America. Anyone who takes the middle road is really a Democrat.

So what has happened is that the media has crowned Limbaugh the king of the Republicans. At the same time, it is impossible to not point out that the Republicans are going from being absurdly wrong to being utterly and radically wrong – with no odd bright spots to lessen the darkness of the party. Limbaugh represents this perfectly. Mention his name and you set off a chain reaction. This man could never be elected to the national stage. Moderates and liberals alike would join ranks against his ultra-conservative, bigoted, dumb ideas. And the Republicans are letting the media tell them that this is their leader. Hell, Michael Steele made some minor comment dismissing something Limbaugh said not long ago. Within a day or two he was apologizing. It’s hilarious. The Republicans are going “pure” under the flabby wings of Limbaugh. Good. Give that a shot for the next few election cycles. See how it works out.