Obama continues to fix the errors of Bush

Scientists will be allowed to make the guidelines surrounding use of embryonic stem cells.

The government issued final rules Monday expanding taxpayer-funded research using embryonic stem cells, easing scientists’ fears that some of the oldest batches might not qualify and promising a master list of all that do.

President Barack Obama lifted previous restrictions on the field in March, but left it to the National Institutes of Health to decide just what stem cell research was ethically appropriate: Only science that uses cells culled from leftover fertility clinic embryos — ones that otherwise would be thrown away — the agency made clear in draft guidelines.

This is precisely how it should be. It is those well versed in science who should be making the relevant decisions within science. Politicians rarely ever know much of anything about how science needs to work. This is doubly true for Republicans. So it comes as no surprise that it has taken the election of Democrats to at least get a few things right.

7 Responses

  1. So, politicians should stay out of science decisions unless the decisions are ones that you agree with?

  2. The unqualified should defer to the qualified.

  3. Hmm .. perhaps.

    But that leaves Obama out of the loop when it comes to making decisions. Your implied support of his decisions is no better than someone else supporting Bush’s. All you have to support your preference is your preference.

  4. Obama’s decision was to defer to the qualified.

  5. I support his decisions with regards to science because they are based upon the opinions and research of the qualified.

    In other words, that does not leave “Obama out of the loop”. He can make decisions all he likes, and he may be qualified for a great many of them (or not – that is not at hand here). But when it comes to science, his decisions should be based upon the knowledge of those who know what’s going on. Bush failed to do this, even coercing science and scientists to give him the results he wanted (or using censorship when they didn’t). Obama is excelling at this. And this is precisely what I like to see – the unqualified deferring to the qualified.

  6. I doubt things are as one-sided as you suggest.

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