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The further and further removed from religion I become, the more and more ridiculous religious celebrations appear to me. I mean, Easter? The entire concept is utterly ludicrous. No man died and rose from the dead, much less for himself because he was his own father-son. Moreover, he wasn’t divine. He was just a good, charismatic liar.

Honestly, grow up.

Happy Easter

In honor of all the Christian whines I’ve heard about how everyone should be especially respectful during Easter weekend, I’ve updated my Facebook page, as well as the FTSOS Facebook page.

Jesus cheated

Another problem: Jesus cheats. We’re supposed to believe that he’s saving us from an imaginary ancestral sin, and that he’s doing so by dying…but he doesn’t! He comes back three days (OK, actually a day and a half) later, perfectly healthy except for a few holes which don’t seem to perturb him much, and he gets to magically zoom up into the sky and live forever in his dad’s palace. This is no sacrifice at all.

Now, if our hypothetical soldier who threw himself on a grenade turned out to survive the experience hale and healthy because, for instance, the bomb was dud, he’d still be a hero — he didn’t know it would fizzle, and the intent was there. This doesn’t help Jesus, though. He’s omnipotent and omniscient and knew his own nature, and knew that you don’t kill a god by hanging him from a tree and poking him with sticks. Jesus faked his heroism. He’s no hero at all.

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Happy Easter

Once the Easter Bunny dies, it stays dead. Duh.