While my traffic has been way up since the Andreas Moritz incident, I know it isn’t going to stay that way. That’s why it’s especially disappointing that my Hubble contest post no longer shows up on Google images on the first page. It had been there for quite a long time, artificially boosting my stats, which in turn did raise the profile of FTSOS, if even only slightly. But since WordPress took me down for a couple days, that image has vanished from Google images. I suppose the best I can do is link back to it from time to time. More importantly, I suppose I can start making a few more posts about Hubble and Hubble news now.

But other than one of those slow news day stories, there doesn’t seem to be much out there. So in lieu of a real post, here is some eye candy.

1987 Supernova

Even Google coddles these crybabies

It turns out Google doesn’t want to offend all the Muslim crybabies out there. Go search “Christianity is”, “Buddhism is”, “Judaism is”, “Atheism is”, and any number of other religious or religiously-related terms. You’ll see a whole slew of nasty suggestions, the most benign (aside from the few positive ones) being “a lie”. Now search “Islam is”. Know what you get?


This is just another example of someone or a group coddling Muslim crybabies. Of course, the coddling isn’t out of concern for the feelings of Muslims, but rather out of fear of being attacked. For Google, it might just be criticism, but with these whackaloons, it doesn’t take much to set of the crybaby alarms. There isn’t much to stop violence from erupting over something as insignificant as Google suggesting Islam is “a lie”.