It’s never quite articulated

You’ve got your younger Earth creationists and then the old Earth creationists. The YECs have their story laid out pretty clearly. Humans and everything else came into existence 6,000 years ago with no evolution. Okay, got it. Stupid, but I’ve got it. But what I don’t get is the OECs. What dates do they propose for the introduction of animals? When did humans first appear? We certainly haven’t been around 4 billion years. Not 3 billion. Not 10 million. It’s more like 100,000. But how do these crazies match up all the evidence? What was walking around 100,000 years ago? Was it human? How about 40,000 years ago? Human? If not, then what? If so, then why did God wait another 37,000 years to start getting chatty?

One Response

  1. Apparently, there is a somewhat mid-way creationist theory, it basically goes: “God created a cell several billion years ago, and then God marvelled at his creation and let it evolve. Occasionally he added things to speed up the process, like human. Otherwise how could you explain the vast difference between humans and chips???”

    Rather “creative” I think! It makes me smile over my morning tea.

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