Creationist dentist loses primary

Don McLeroy, creationist dentist and long-time member of the Texas State Board of Education, has been beaten in his primary.

McLeroy, one of the most outspoken social conservatives on the panel, ran firmly on his record as he faced his toughest opponent since he was first elected to the board in 1998.

McLeroy is an utter moron with no understanding of any subject (except teeth) and no qualifications to do anything (except drill teeth). His record is a piece of garbage that should be a point of shame. Except it isn’t for him because he’s genuinely too stupid to realize. Like, Sarah Palin stupid. It’s severe.

The guy believes the Universe is 6,000 years old, the U.S. was founded by Christians to be a Christian nation, and that abstinence-only education ever made sense. He’s wrong on everything – and proud of it. The man is a menace to education.

Good fucking riddance.

3 Responses

  1. “Good fucking riddance.” – forever, I hope.

  2. “…and long-time member of the Texas State Board of Education” Now that’s just plain scary.

  3. The other website I like to comment at, Texas Freedom Network, has been working like crazy to get some sense of reason returned to Texas’ SBOE. McLeroy had a big target on his back because he was too vocal in his beliefs; I’m watching George Clayton because he’s slipped up a few times in interviews. The fundies are playing for keeps, and they’ll never stop, so we shouldn’t either.

    Now, if George Clinton was the candidate, I’d be less worried. Or a lot more, I can’t decide. Mebbe this campaign speech by Mr. Clinton in 1999 will help sway my decision:

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