I can have fan pages, too

If Andreas Moritz can have a fan page where he acts against the interests of healthy human bodies, then I can have one which is actually for the sake of goodness and good things.

And while you join the fan page for For the Sake of Science, don’t forget two things. First, join the anti-Andy group. Second, if Moritz is only going to allow sanitized comments on his fan page, be sure to at least make him work at it by leaving comments that let everyone know what a dangerous quack he is.

2 Responses

  1. I must voice my opinion on this very spiritual issue. I don’t
    have any hatefulness or homophobic feelings towards folks that lay with the same. That seems the one statement the justifies so many bills or laws lately. I lived
    this life for many many years and know there are many reasons that alot of us found ourselves n bed with another. Let me just say There are things in natural the mirror the Spiritual Realm. All living animals reproduce
    after its own kind.(male & female) In the beginning according to Genesis 1st chap. grass seed makes grass. All the kids we take care of.. wanting to the daddy they never had..HONESTLY IT FEELS GOOD but its just flesh. The things that we have discovered to do to the replace
    natural way is perverse because of the demonic influence. The most High God loves us that’s true but
    I got hungry for HIM 4REAL and He’s delivered me with
    His word and the power of Holy Spirit. SO GO STAG &
    THEN TAKE YOURSELF TO A GAY BAR. Other kids should not have to see that. Much luv to you all.
    i am not hate n. i know some feel we are born gay,just
    never forget Jesus loves u and gave his self for us and
    sent the person of the Holy Spirit comfort us and teach
    us and empower us to overcome Satans tricks.

  2. Aw mom; And after all the trouble to get you into rehab, you’re back on the sauce? Oh well, you always were a lot funnier drunk, so you got that goin’ for ya.

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