A quick quack reminder

Every once in awhile I’ll get a notice from Facebook that some stupid shit got deleted for some stupid reason. In almost all cases, it comes back to Andreas Moritz (hi, Andy!*). He’s a quack. He wants money from sick people and that makes him a giant pile of shit. And just to compound the problem, he has no education in any science or medicine. (Hell, I doubt his education level exceeds the 9th or 10th grade. He’s a frackin’ moron.) And since he’s a greedy POS with no real education that takes advantages of the ill, I will sometimes reflect that on Facebook (though not as much as I do here). Recently, a few items were deleted from my Facebook fan page. Since there’s little rhyme or reason to which posts from here I stick up there, it’s nearly impossible to know just what was deleted; Facebook only told me “various posts”. I am, however, relatively sure that this one was deleted. I won’t know until they get back to me on my copyright appeal.

So since Moritz is actually thankful for all the attention I give him (which undermines his entire bullshit, charlatan threat of suing – because he’s just that smart), I thought I’d put out a reminder. And even if he isn’t the reason for the recent content issue, he’s still a greedy POS that takes advantage of sick people because he has no moral compass, so this is justified anyway.

*A double reminder: Moritz is obsessed with learning all about why he’s a quack, so he actually bothers to read FTSOS frequently, hence the greeting. Unfortunately, it’s likely he is seeking better ways of hiding his general evil from those he will harm with his ignorant, inane, sans all qualifications ‘advice’.

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