Hear ye, hear ye!

The April-May edition of Without Apology is out. This is likely the last edition I do for quite some time as I will be busy this summer (not to mention the cost, plus the reduced audience given the end of the spring semester).

The articles in this edition of Without Apology are more varied than usual. From issues in the NFL to a revisiting of T’s Golf to gene therapy for mouse vision, the range is wider.

Perhaps the best article, however, is the one by Gabriel Levesque. Also known as Mr. Jay Gatsby, Gabe has written about bastardizing history.

History is too often called upon to support presentist ideological and political themes. Politicians and radio personalities use historical figures to suggest their ideas are correct and in accordance with some great historical figure. Polarizing images and comparisons with Lincoln, for example, dominated Obama’s campaign and the first year of his presidency. Obama’s political adversaries countered by comparing his policies with Soviet Russia and Joseph Stalin. This is a practice that is unfair and all too common…

Thanks to Gabe for his contribution. Physical copies of the paper were placed around UMA, but it looks like they went quickly. A second batch will show up around campus sometime soon.

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