“Thank you for your complaint”

After a long wait and a little back and forth, I’ve finally completed my formal complaint against Christopher Maloney. As it turns out, it shouldn’t have taken nearly this long. It’s a matter of filling out a simple form.

To file your own complaint, go here and enter in the following information.

Licensee Information:

Mr. Christopher L Maloney
4 Drew St
Augusta, ME 04330

Phone: 207-623-1681

License number: ND240

Part of my complaint read as follows:

Maine law concerning naturopathic doctors states naturopaths cannot:

D. Practice or claim to practice medicine and surgery, osteopathy, dentistry, podiatry, optometry, chiropractic, physical therapy or any other system or method of treatment not authorized in this chapter.

Christopher Maloney recently said this:

“Did it ever occur to any of you that I practice evidence’ based medicine?”


This would appear to be a violation of Maine law and the conditions to which Maloney agree when he became a naturopathic doctor.

There was more, including links to his site, but I don’t want to risk having him alter the text before anyone see it.

Thought of the day

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