May is the 5th straight month FTSOS has exceeded 11,000 hits.


Kilimanjaro, Kilimanjaro, Kilimanjaro

It doesn’t even seem like a word if you keep saying it. Solution? Better break out the eye candy. (Also, my plane ticket and tour are completely paid off. I just need a little bit more gear and I’m prepared. Oh. And I get to go to Utah in the weeks before hand, so expect some Zion and Bryce eye candy down the road.)

Thought of the day

I think it’s hilarious that most of my “thought of the day” posts don’t get enough hits per day to show up in my top 10 posts…except when they’re about Christopher Maloney.

All the gay news

Or at least some of the latest updates:

  • Bigots suffered a set back recently when it was ruled they had to disclose the names of their fellow bigots who contributed to bigotry in Maine last year. Now a federal judge has issued a block.
  • Bigots are being challenged in Massachusetts. It is being argued by non-bigots that DOMA is a violation of state rights. I find this argument interesting the same people arguing against this are the ones who argue for the expansion of state rights in regards to brown people in Arizona. But the difference is obvious: marriage is to be regulated by the states; immigration is federal. Of course, none of that matters to those who just hate brown and/or gay people.
  • Gay closet Republican #743,029 Roy Ashburn has compiled a stringent pro-bigot voting record in his political career. He claims he was doing it out of concern for his constituents. But now that everyone knows he likes penis (eww!!!! amirite?), he’s begun to change his stances. Crazy how that works.
  • One man in D.C. has wed 44 same-sex couples. He tried to save his eternal soul from hell by marrying a heterosexual couple, but I think God is on to him. His transgressions against the arbitrary whim of the malevolent Yahweh are definitely going to land him in hell for eternity. I mean. That’s fair.